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This e-learning site aims to organize didactic materials produced by the e-ARTinED project.The e-ARTinED project expands the research and the resources created in the ARTinED project 2011. ARTinED was extremely successful, receiving praise and maximum score by the experts of the European Commission. The project activities were tested by a crowd of enthusiastic teachers who are waiting for updates and new resources.
The e-ARTinED learning site offers a complete set of distance learning services by exploiting the Coursevo platform and supports the e-ARTinED learning community

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CRS237 - Coursevo e-Learning Platform
Introduction to Coursevo Learning Platform. Overview of platform's features, and presentation of tools and services. Video Presentations, Tutorials and Examples.
CRS353 - Dance
Although dance is so part of the human cultures it is not commonly used in schools as a learning process. Dancing is a good way to train both body and mind. It trains the creative ability to think outside the box. It also gives body and spa ...
REP003 - Exploring nature through the arts
Examples of children’s experiences of learning through the arts within natural settings.
CRS394 - Introduction
This is a brief introduction to the e-ARTinED trainign programme. Its baseline is that arts create a highly stimulating environment by employing materials, tools and strategies that increase sensory inputs. e-ARTinED aims at creating innova ...
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09 February 2016

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12 January 2016

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