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This e-learning site aims to organize didactic materials produced by the e-ARTinED project.The e-ARTinED project expands the research and the resources created in the ARTinED project 2011. ARTinED was extremely successful, receiving praise and maximum score by the experts of the European Commission. The project activities were tested by a crowd of enthusiastic teachers who are waiting for updates and new resources.
The e-ARTinED learning site offers a complete set of distance learning services by exploiting the Coursevo platform and supports the e-ARTinED learning community

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CRS394 - 0. Introduction
This is a brief introduction to the e-ARTinED training programme. Its baseline is that arts create a highly stimulating environment by employing materials, tools and strategies that increase sensory inputs. e-ARTinED aims at creating innov ...
CRS393 - 1. Music
Music is a fundamental channel of communication: it provides a means by which people can share emotions, intentions, and meanings. Music can exert powerful physical and behavioural effects, can produce deep and profound emotions within us, ...
CRS353 - 2. Dance
Dance is an essential part of human cultures, and as such, it can be used in schools as a learning tool. Dance is a good way to train both mind and body. It engages a creative ability to approach curricular subjects while simultaneously enh ...
CRS354 - 3. Visual Arts
Visual arts activities help students to understand and to express their world in a visual, tangible form. Chances to explore and investigate visual elements in their environment enable them to appreciate the nature of things and to focus th ...
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