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Welcome to e-ARTinED Learning Space


The e-ARTinED community portal offers a complete set of distance learning services by exploiting the Coursevo platform and supports the e-ARTinED Community of Practice.

It offers an expandable repository of didactic materials produced by the e-ARTinED project and constantly enriched by the community members. Furthermore, it provides access to the initial e-ARTinED training programme materials and support the community members with all necessary services to develop their own training crouses on integrating arts into school curricular subjects, share lesson plans and learning scenarios and participate in the available training courses.

If you want to join the community, please sign up.

e-ARTinED staff training event in the Ardennes in Belgium, at Domaine de Farnières, Vielsalm 7-12 July, 2017. The event was targeted to the staff of the partner organizations and to 5 artists of different countries invited by the partners with the aim to explore ways of integrating arts with school curricular subjects

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REP005 - e-ARTinED Results
This repository contains all the intellectual outputs of the project e-ARTinED
CRS237 - Coursevo e-Learning Platform
This is a brief auxiliary course about the Coursevo platform that supports the e-ARTinED training program. The course gives an overview of platform's features, tools and services and provides usage tutorials 
CRS352 - 5. New Media Arts
New Media Arts involve digital technologies and cross-disciplinary art forms related to the creation, distribution and interaction with various types of artworks including those that are presented through digital means (audio, screen-based) ...
CRS419 - 6. Educational Musical Instruments Making
This is a one unit (one week) course offered by Mr Giorgos Gypakis on making simple musical instruments from recycled materials and materials that can be found in nature. This course is related to the Music course of the e-ARTinED online tr ...
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